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Some Cognitive Effects of Head (Brain) Injury

SOME COGNITIVE EFFECTS OF HEAD INJURY: by Craig Lock “Compare it (your head) to a jelly in a bowl. The bowl is the skull – a strong, protective container – and the jelly (the brain) is nestled within. The skull … Continue reading

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“Running on Empty”

A title for a new book! “If your tank is low, your car will start sputtering and then stop once you have reached the end of your reserve. It’s the same way with fatigue after TBI.” from Also see … Continue reading

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Aging and Fatigue following Brain Injury

The Title of a new book I’m starting today! Here’s the opening paragraph… At age 15 I was in a serious accident in Cape Town, South Africa and was in a coma, unconscious or semi-conscious for between 3 weeks and … Continue reading

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